Silent War of Control Between Bitcoin and the Current Powers

It seems there is a silent war on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.  I received notice from Shopify I could no longer use their payment gateway because I was in violation of their policy which turned out to mean I was selling ledger devices on my site, a device in which allows customers to protect their cryptos by securely storing them.  They also made sure to let me know it was against Apple Pay policy as well.   Not a week later I received notice from Amazon the seller account was terminated for the very same reason.  

I take a step back and analyze this and come to the conclusion that this is an interesting strategic agreement amongst some of the companies that if you sell crypto related devices to not do business with you as a retailer.  All this does is just further remind me why Bitcoin emerged and reinvigorated my position.  Freedom comes at a cost.  This is why I consider this a silent war. 

As a result we accept Paypal , Cryptos and even Zelle as forms of payments.  It doesn't make a lot of sense to go out of our way to use services in which charge the merchant who in turn passes that cost to the customer.  


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